Island Logistics


Eagle Island is completely off the grid meaning there are no electric or telephone lines or water systems coming in or going out. Everything that is brought to the island has to be either consumed, composted or brought back to the mainland to be recycled or thrown away in order to maintain the pristine landscape that we all love and cherish and that makes the island such a special place.

All of the houses on the island have varying systems to accommodate the basic needs that are usually taken for granted on the mainland. We use rainwater for utility, washing dishes, bathing etc and we carry all drinking water from wells. The Hill House is the only rental with a bathroom but there is still an outhouse that we ask people to  use when possible so as to conserve water.  Some of the houses have solar power providing enough electricity to power reading lamps and some have none at all requiring candles, portable solar lamps and flashlights. We have found that for most people this lifestyle is a welcome break from modern life in the "real world" and offers a new perspective on what we believed we were dependent on.