General information



general information

Eagle is all privately owned meaning there is no public access to her beaches, roads, walking paths, lighthouse, schoolhouse etc. However if you are interested in visiting the island, here is the way to go about doing so.

Email us at

Call our reservation line form May-September at (207) 701-9316 (you can reach us in the off season by following directions left on the reservation line voicemail).

Once you have received the golden ticket and have found yourself on the shores of this beautiful isle, there are a few policies we have in place to help keep our island healthy and safe.

  • No unleashed dogs.

  • No smoking in buildings and if you are smoking, please be very careful with ashes and do not leave your cigarette butts on the ground.

  • Please check with us if you are considering having a fire on the beach; it can get very dry during the summer and we have no fire department! Any fire must be below high tide mark.

  • Please take all the trash you create off island with you, no garbage left behind in the woods, beaches, or shoved in the outhouses, pretty please.

  • No picnicking or leaving boats tied up to the float or wharf, Eagle is a working waterfront for us islanders and we really appreciate your understanding.

We thank you for your courtesy in these matters, Eagle Island is such a special place to us all and we work hard to keep her as healthy and happy as we can. Together we can look forward to another 200 years of beautiful island adventures.


Cancellation policies

We understand that unplanned circumstance can change your plans for visiting Eagle Island.  If you should need to cancel your reservation, we respectfully ask you give us at least 30 days notice, more if possible. The unique nature of planning a stay on Eagle makes it necessary to have as much time as we can to try and fill the weeks.

Deposits of 50 percent of the total stay are due at the time of booking which is non- refundable. 

We appreciate your understanding of the unique nature of Eagle.  Thanks so much for helping us keep the long tradition of summering on the island possible.


Dogs are allowed on the island but we have a strict leash policy.  All dogs must be “on-leash” at all times while visiting here. When arriving and departing, walking about the island and visiting the beaches.  When you are at your rental cabin you should plan to have a long lead or some sort of tether to keep them in your yard area.  

Unfortunately, we have had far to many difficult circumstances with run away dogs. There are no exceptions to this.  We thank you for you understanding.  

Truck trips

We provide 2 trips with the truck per rental week.  One upon arrival and one departing. Any use of the truck over and above the 2 will be charged out at 20.00 per extra trip.