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Wild Island Events

Wild island luncheons

Our first Wild Island Luncheon last summer was so fun that we are planning a few for this upcoming summer. A boat ride on The Katherine followed by a delicious meal either in the Farmhouse dining room or outside overlooking Penobscot Bay is in our opinion, the best overall use of a summer day. All meals are served family style at one or two long tables so you can come with your people and/or meet some new friends. One of the greatest gifts of being on the island are the bonds that are formed here, not to mention the surprising connections that are made. There will be time to take a stroll the schoolhouse, the lighthouse or back down to the beach to hunt for treasure before heading back to the mainland across the bay.

There is nothing we love more than throwing a party and no one knows how to do it better on Eagle Island than us! Keep in touch to stay updated for Wild Island Luncheons and other events coming up in 2019.




workshops, events & festivities

Given it's remote location and the privacy that inherently comes with it, Eagle Island offers an experience that once had is impossible to forget. Most people that come for the first time make sure they come again the next time, often times for generations after.

The exclusivity that Eagle offers is an intentional destination for some, and a surprise treat for others. Having spent the majority of our lives dedicated to the lifestyle,  we have gained the knowledge necessary to accommodate any occasion be it a wedding, birthday, workshop or retreat, we know firsthand what it takes to navigate the unique landscape. With an innate aesthetic which captures the beauty of our little island, we have created many memorable events. Let us host your event on Eagle and you will discover the rare and magical treasure that only an island can share.