Little Camp is a sweet little house, just big enough for one or for a couple who are truly in love! A sunny, quiet and cozy one-room cottage tucked between a beautiful field and the shady evergreens. Just a one minute walk from the flat skipping stones and fine sands of Lighthouse Beach, this space offers sanctuary from the hectic pace of the mainland.

Little Camp has a double bed and a small table that can sit 2-3 comfortably. The kitchenette has a propane refrigerator, stove and oven and small sink with cold running water. There is a small deck that runs along 3 sides of the house offering views of the ocean with a sunshower stall in the back. Besides the running water in the kitchen, this rental has no other indoor plumbing. There is a little outhouse close by and drinking water is carried from a nearby well.

Little Camp rents for $750.00