Transportation is provided to Eagle and surrounding islands by Sunset Bay Company which delivers mail to Eagle Island and surrounding islands each day.

Traveling to Eagle Island
Departing from Sylvester’s Cove in Deer Isle at 9:30am, Mondays-Saturday, the mailboat Katherine passes by the Eagle Island Lighthouse. The trip to Eagle Island takes approximately 25 minutes.

Desperado trips operate on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays afternoons.

Traveling to other islands

Sunset Bay Company also delivers mail and passengers to 5 other privately owned islands, call or email for more information

Riding the Mailboat

The mailboat makes a 2 hour tour around the islands Monday through Saturday leaving Sylvester’s Cove at 9:30 and returning at 11:30. Adult price for the round trip ticket is $26 and children under 12 is half price. Please call in advance for reservations and parking instructions.

Afternoon Desperado Trip  from Eagle Island

Desperado trips run from July through the end of August. Departing Eagle Island @ 3:30pm and arriving in Sylvester’s Cove between 4 and 4:30pm. Leaving the cove and headed back out to the islands @ 5:00pm. This trip is designed by individual circumstance and is subject to change. You must have a reservation. Contact us for details.

Reservations, Charters, and Cancellations

All reservations and cancellations must made 48 hours in advance.

The Katherine may be chartered at any time outside of the regular schedule. Additional rates apply and include two bags per person.

Please be aware that until we return your call, reservations and cancellations cannot be confirmed in the schedule.

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Eagle Island Rentals, Maine: Transportation by Sunset Bay Company
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