Eagle Island has been inhabited for over two centuries by the Quinn family.  Samuel Quinn Sr. showed up in the early 1800’s and together with his wife Lucy, built a home and started an island life that has spanned seven generations. The census of 1815 is the first which has Quinns living on Eagle (that is why were are celebrating its bicentennial this year) but some recent genealogy work put Sam and Lucy on the island in 1812 so, basically a wicked long time!

The island has seen many different approaches to life and livelihood over the years from fishing and farming to boat building and innkeeping and maybe one of the longest running postal contracts ever held by one family. The “running the mail” as we islanders like to call it has literally been in the Quinn family for over 100 years!

The current modus operandi is a hybrid of its ancestry consisting of the aforementioned mail contract and a 21st century spin on the boarding house business operated in the early 1920’s by Hattie Quinn (1877-1953) with a bit of fishing and subsistence farming (at its most minimal) thrown in for good measure. Robert and Helene Quinn (5th generation islanders) together with their children Andy Arey and Treena Quinn-Russo and their grandson Sam Russo have kept up the family tradition of island living, dedicating themselves to the preservation of their unique lineage.

Today, Eagle is the home to many different families (not just Quinn’s) some dating back as much as 80 years. This has made Eagle unique in another way. It has created a community of people, from all over the world, who have homes on this small island, who choose to spend time here and who share in the beauty of this wondrous place.

The combination of our diverse community, some old school philosophies, off grid living and modern technology (yes we have internet) makes Eagle Island one of the most unique and, in our opinion, alluring  places on earth. Eagle Island has been home to a variety of different people and to one family for over 200 years. Its history is long and so is its future.